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An extraordinary treasure-trove rich with natural resources, beautiful in its unique isolation and ruggedness, and where vibrant cultures whisper of ancient civilisations - Bolivia is well and truly on the adventure map! The soaring peaks of the Cordillera Real lie in total contrast to the eerie salt flats of Uyuni and of the teeming jungle in the Amazon Basin. An adventure holiday here offers you the chance to discover a natural world as diverse and special as the indigenous people who inhabit it.

Our adventure holidays in Bolivia for 2016/17 are shown below:

Adventure holidays in Bolivia

In a country that boasts the 'World's Most Dangerous Road', the highest capital city in the world, some of the deepest valleys and 6000m high Andean peaks, you can be sure adventure is never very far away. Whether you are in the other worldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert or the Salar de Uyuni salt flats, Bolivia will feel like no other place on earth.

When you're not staring mouth agape at the wondrous environment you'll be mesmerised by the colourful culture, amazing archaeology and brightly dressed bands and parades. Add in ancient Inca trails and plentiful indigenous traditions and you'll find and adventure holiday of extremes.

Bolivia is one of South America's least visited countries despite its many attractions and adventure travel opportunities. This means you're unlikely to find yourself sharing the experience with swarms of other tourists.

The best time to visit Bolivia is between May and November, when the weather is more reliable and supplies many sunny days. It is hot throughout the lowlands but cooler in the altiplano.

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