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Take one tiny step out of Europe, and discover it's a giant leap into a bold, richly exotic and enchanting world few forget. Morocco's mystical magic runs deep, tapping into travellers' senses with bursts of scent and colour - you soon realise the adventure here is Morocco itself. Explore Marrakech's winding labyrinth of souks and medinas on an adventure holiday, before heading out of the bustling city to mountain bike through scorched valleys, trek up the soaring Atlas Mountains and ride a camel through endless desert.

Our adventure holidays in Morocco for 2016/17 are shown below:

Adventurous holidays in Morocco from Adventure Worldwide

Morocco is an ideal adventure destination. With enough history and vibrancy to fulfil any culture-lover's wishes, it's also well set up for outdoor activities and adventure. It's hard not to be when you look at the country's landscapes - dramatic mountain ranges, tranquil oases, towering dunes, deep, rocky gorges and an enchanting coast.

"Walking and camping in the Atlas mountains was a unique experience. We didn't meet a single tourist for 4 days, just an occasional shepherd appearing out of nowhere along with some delightful tribes people. The 'sounds' of silence and being free from artificial lights opened up a delightful new world that is not possible in the hustle and bustle of 'normal' life - magical!" David Carr, Morocco Bike and Hike, 2015

Don't tire yourself out too much during the day though, you'll want to stay up for some of the best stargazing of your life, as you perch outside a tent for the night in the Sahara.

The best time to visit Morocco depends on the region you are visiting. April and May is best overall, with a summer climate in the south, mountains, Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. There is snow in the mountains from October to April and midsummer can be very hot in the desert.

Holiday ideas for Holidays to Morocco in Morocco

Morocco Bike and Hike | 8 days | From £769

Morocco Adventure Holidays - with Adventure Worldwide - Group - Morocco Bike and Hike | 8 days | From £769

This is a great adventure holiday combining cycling and hiking across the Atlas Mountains and into the Djebel Sahro. There are many affordable low cost flights from various UK regional airports to Mar...

Guided Group Adventure Holiday

Sahara Desert Adventure | 8 days | From £549

Morocco Adventure Holidays - with Adventure Worldwide - Group - Sahara Desert Adventure  | 8 days | From £549

A truly spectacular journey through totally amazing and changing landscapes takes us across the High Atlas Mountains and through the incredible Draa Valley with its vast palm 'forests' to the very edg...

Guided Group Adventure Holiday

Morocco Extensions

Morocco Adventure Holidays - with Adventure Worldwide - Morocco Extensions

Why not enjoy more of Exotic Morocco? We've some great ideas to make your holiday in Morocco even more special...

From Walks Worldwide

Toubkal Ascent | 8 days | From £399

  • Morocco, Toubkal Ascent
  • Climb Jebel Toubkal, highest in the Atlas Mountains, highest in Morocco and highest in North Africa. Demanding yet rewarding!

  • View Holiday Trekking holiday option with Walks Worldwide

Discover Chameleon Tailor-Made private adventures:

Morocco Discovery | 12 days

  • Morocco
  • Near the Straits of Gibraltar, in Morocco you will experience new exotic sights, sounds and smells. This adventure allows you to discover the best highlights from this exciting country.

  • View Holiday Tailor made option from Chameleon Worldwide
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