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If you want to feel like one of the early explorers, and discover a country few have ever travelled to, then visit Turkmenistan. With lavish gold palaces, marble monuments, ancient ruins and spiritual pilgrim sites - an adventure holiday here is about as 'off the beaten track' as you can get! Learn about the tales of the ancient pathway - the Silk Road as you go camping wild style in remote deserts and delve into antique valleys, canyons and caves as this magical land takes you back to a time almost forgotten.

Our adventure holidays in Turkmenistan for 2016/17 are shown below:

Adventure holidays in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is the least visited of all of Central Asia but that just means you'll be party to secrets that others have never seen before. Ancient cities dot the Silk Road as you pass through deep valleys, canyons and caves along the way. Discover the stories of the Turkmen people and learn about their spirituality and tradition.

See the Karakum Desert, Central Asia's hottest desert, which means 'Black Sands' in the local language. See the sprawling dunes and the odd oasis before arriving at the Door to Hell gas crater, which has been burning since the 1970s. Feel like a true explorer, camping in the desert as caravans of camels plod by.

You'll reach the glittering Caspian Sea, to say you've seen the world's largest inland body of water (it has characteristics of both a sea and a lake), visit lavish palaces and significant monuments and hear the tales of the Silk Road from those who have travelled on it themselves.

"If you loved the remote wildness of Salar De Unuyi in Bolivia then this could be a trip for you. A four wheel adventure through the beautiful Karakoum desert where you are highly unlikely to bump into any other tourists. Seeing partially excavated silk road cities just sitting there unexplored at every turn and villages where you feel you have stepped back in time. All contrasted with the marble white cities with the most unusual architecture you will ever see. A weird and wonderful country that even has a national holiday to celebrate the melon and boy do they love a melon! Expect to eat it three times a day." Angela Lambillion, Caspian and the Karakum, 2015

The best time to visit Turkmenistan is between April and June, when you can take advantage of the sunny but cooler days. After summer, the heat starts to cool in September and stays at a good temperature for travel until November.

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Caspian and the Karakum | 12 days | From £1,979

Turkmenistan Adventure Holidays - Group - Caspian and the Karakum | 12 days | From £1,979

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