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Adventure Holiday Calendar

Know when you want to go, but not sure where to go? Our quick reference calendar of where to go and when should help.

  • Where is best to go in spring?

  • Morocco Hike and Bike
  • Spring in Morocco is perfect - not too hot, not too cold and with snow still on the highest peaks it all looks rather spectacular. Just beneath the Arctic Circle whilst spring may have sprung further south, it's still possible to do winter activities up in Finland in early spring.

    Head for the Nepal Himalayas before the monsoon arrives, or India before it gets too hot. Or try Namibia or Botswana?

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  • Where is best to go in autumn?

  • cycle_bangkok_to_saigon_adventure
  • As the Himalayan monsoon recedes from autumn onwards Nepal remains firmly on the calendar right through until April. Or head to Rajasthan, now it has cooled down and plays hosts to many festivals during this time.

    Get active in on a cycling trip from Thailand through Cambodia to Vietnam or get active in Vietnam on a colourful and exciting adventure.

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