The best time to visit Nepal

Here's when to visit Nepal

Climate in Nepal

Peak season is late September to late November. The weather is clear and dry and not too cold in the high country. Pollution and dust has been washed away by the monsoon rains, making the mountains most visible and treks more rewarding. Temperatures in Kathmandu reach 23 C in the day but can drop to 4 C in November. Temperatures in Pokhara and Chitwan vary between 30 C - 11C.

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December and January is a good time to visit the Terai but the weather is cold, especially at night. Less visitors may give you more wildlife viewing opportunities and quieter trekking days.

The second tourist season is from February to April. It brings warmer and longer days, perfect for trekking, but the haze does obscure the mountains at lower levels. Kathmandu and Pokhara experience daytime temperatures of 25-30 C and Chitwan reaches 35 C.

Before the monsoon, from April to June, the heat rises and rain showers appear in the afternoon. The humidity builds until it is broken by the monsoon.

The monsoon lasts from mid-June to Late September. It's an interesting time to visit as the landscape becomes alive, the air is at its cleanest and flowers are in bloom. Rainfall is generally intermittent. However, trekking is ill-advised as leeches will be abundant and roads and paths are often blocked by landslides. Mountain views are also rare.

Festivals in Nepal

Nepal has a multitude of festivals and holidays to choose from and be aware of. As well has being fun to join in, they can affect your travel.

January - Losar (Tibetan New Year) - three-day celebration with colourful rituals at monasteries.

February - Shivratir - a Hindu festival in reverence of Shiva.

March - Holi Festival - coloured water and powder thrown at people in celebration. Wear old clothes and get stuck in.

April - Bisket Jatra (Nepali New Year) - huge celebration in Bhaktapur but low key throughout the rest of the country.

May - Buddha Jayanti - Buddha's birthday celebrations.

August - Gai Jatra - the Festival of Cows. Costumes and colourful processions.

September - Teej - married women fast to honor shiva and for a happy life for their husbands. The unmarried women dress in bright red costumes and take part in dances.

September - Kenya - the Kathmandu Festival. Masked dancers representing gods and demons full the streets, followed by a chariot procession.

October - Tihar - Hindu festival also known as the Festival of Light or Diwali. Homes are decorated over three-days using candles, lanterns and coloured tinsel.

Wildlife in Nepal

Spring is the best time to see wildlife in the Terai as the long grass has been cut.

The rhododendrons are in bloom in the hills in February, March and April. They change colour according to the altitude, from red to pink to white.

The monsoon season is a good time to see butterflies.

Explore Chitwan and Bawrdia from October to April to see rhinos, monkeys, birds and elephants.

Birdwatching in Chitwan is exemplary in the low season between December and February.

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