Physical Grade

Physical Grading

Each of our adventure holidays has a Physical Grading as well as an Adventure Grading. Please use both to help you to determine whether a particular trip is suitable for you.

The Physical Gradings range from A to D - with A being the least challenging, and D being the most physically challenging:

  • A = Easy

  • Physical Grade A
  • This group of trips are the easiest adventure holidays physically and usually involve relatively easy activities such as short walks, easy cycling, flat water canoeing, gentle horse-riding etc. Such trips would contain little in the way of physical activity but could have a more cultural bias, or involve overland travel. Grade A holidays are suitable for anyone in good health who is reasonably active and physically fit.

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  • B = Moderate

  • Physical Grade B
  • As we go up the scale, things become increasingly more challenging physically. The activities themselves may be longer in duration and require greater physical effort. For example, any cycling could be on dirt roads and forest tracks with more ascent and descent (as opposed to flat, back-country lanes). Walking would be longer and of a hilly/mountainous nature etc. Good health and a good level of fitness is required.

  • See all trips with Physical Grade B.

  • C = Demanding

  • Physical Grade C
  • More challenging, with some extended days requiring some demanding physical effort, and often longer in duration. The terrain and the nature of the activity become more demanding. For example, mountain biking of a technical nature on single tracks with considerable physical effort involved. Some activities may be at higher altitudes and are best suited to experienced, active people with a very good level of physical fitness.

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  • D = Strenuous

  • Physical Grade D
  • Our hardest physical grade for our adventure holidays. Activities are of a strenuous nature requiring high levels of fitness and a high degree of competency where required for the activities involved. Walking and trekking would now be at levels such as trekking in Nepal, mountain biking would be 'full-on', rafting at grade 4 or 5 etc. If you'd like a walking trip of this level, please head to our sister brand, Walks Worldwide.

  • We do not currently have any Grade D trips. Please see Physical Grade C.

Please don't hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team if you need help in establishing whether a trip is right for you. We'll ask you about any previous experience you've had and help you make a judgment by comparing this with the trips you're considering.